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Verleno Advanced Elite 7.5 mils (Non-cap)  


Advanced Series Elite is not only self-healing, extra-hydrophobic, stain-resistant, anti-yellowing, and easy to maintain, but it is also 20% shinier than Advanced Series and is install-friendly for a smooth and seamless application

Verleno Advanced Series Elite

  • Verleno Advanced Series Professional without cap 7.5 mil 

    • Thickness: 7.5 mils (0.19 mm)
    • Material: Thermoplastic Urethane (TPU)
    • Self-healing: 
    • Adhesive type: Ashland
    • Adhesion level: low initial tack, high ultimate bond strength
    • Surface texture: Smooth/ non texture 
    • Roll size: Typically available in widths of 30"x50' , 60"x50'
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