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Verleno Vast Series, Wrap with no seams 


Available in the Vast Series, is 72 inches wide and can cover most applications with ease, providing exceptional protection with its self-healing capability, hydrophobic coating, and resistance to damage, stains, and yellowing, all while being easy to maintain for long-lasting protection.

Verleno Vast Series

  • Verleno Vast Series with cap 7.5 mil 

    • Thickness: 7.5 mils (0.19 mm)
    • 72 inch wide,  ideal for larger panel without tension 
    • Material: Thermoplastic Urethane (TPU)
    • Self-healing: 
    • Adhesive type: Ashland
    • Adhesion level: low initial tack, high ultimate bond strength
    • Surface texture: Smooth/ non texture 
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