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What is covered?

We stand behind the quality of our products. Verleno Paint Protection Film is warranted to be free of defects in the materials and manufacture, including yellowing, bubbling, or cracking, for ten (10) years from the original date of purchase.


What is not covered?

General wear and tear of protection film:

Damages caused by flying rocks and debris will naturally have a wear and tear effect on the film. The films are designed to take this type of abuse so that your vehicle's painted surfaces are protected. The films are durable and will last for years. After time, this wear will become more evident. This is not covered by the warranty.

Verleno offers an extended warranty for the Advanced Series PPF beyond the previously stated terms. This warranty specifically covers issues such as oxidation, loss of gloss, UV damage, and fading for a duration of three (3) years from the original installation date. It's crucial to understand that this warranty is only valid for the Company's Products that have been installed by a professional following the Company's suggested procedures.

Annual Inspections

Yearly inspections are only required for the additional defects covered within the first three (3) years from the product's initial installation, including oxidation, loss of gloss, UV damage, and fading. To prevent the nullification of the three (3) year limited warranty coverage, the owner must arrange for an annual inspection by a Verleno Certified Installer on installation date's yearly anniversary or the most recent service date. Although the standard ten (10) year limited warranty doesn't mandate annual inspections, the owner will bear any costs related to the inspection, such as exterior washing, decontamination, and inspection fees. It is essential to maintain records of all inspections, as they must be provided in the event of any Limited Warranty-related concerns.


Customer Damages to protection film:

Damages caused by accidents including pressure washer accidents, buffer accidents, strong solvents are not covered by the warranty. Damages caused by manually peeling off the film and scratching the film are not covered by the warranty.


Damages to your vehicle from flying rocks and debris:

Warranty in no way covers any portion of the customer's vehicle itself. The films are used to provide a form of protection, however the products are not invincible. Any flying projectile over a certain velocity may puncture the film, the vehicle's paint or glass surfaces. These are not covered by the warranty.


Damages caused by other parties:

Any damages to the film caused by third parties such as auto body shops, detailing shops, service shops and etc. are not covered by the warranty.

Limited Product Warranty

The following Warranty is only valid in the United States of America and Canada.

Thank you for choosing Verleno Paint Protection Film. Verleno warrants that applied Verleno Paint Protection Film will be free of defects in material and manufacturer, including bubbling, cracking or turning yellow for 10 years from the date of purchase (Coverage period). The product can be installed by your independent dealer (Seller). This warranty is non-transferable and it is extended to the original purchaser (Buyer) only. 


Warranty Coverage Provided

All warranty claims are subject to review by Verleno and must comply with all warranty claim requirements as stated within the Limited Product Warranty. The warranty is limited to the replacement of the defective Product. The warranty excludes labour charges to re-apply the Product. 



The Limited Product Warranty does not apply to damages to the Product, the vehicle and/or its painted surfaces caused by physical impact, accident, harsh chemicals, acts of God, normal wear and tear, or abuse from power washing, buffing, polishing and detailing. New paint on the vehicle must be cured a minimum of 90 days prior to the date of applying the Product. The warranty does not provide coverage for paint peeling in the event of Product being removed. Warranty coverage is only provided to Product installed in accordance with the installation procedures detailed in the Verleno Product Installation Manual, and maintained in accordance with the Verleno Product Care and Maintenance Instructions. Buyer's failure to adhere to Verleno Product Installation, Care and Maintenance instructions and improper product installation will void product warranty coverage.


Disclaimers & Exclusions

Verleno and the Seller shall not be liable for any other warranties and/or any other representations. No person, distributor, dealer, agent, installation company is authorized to modify, change or extend the terms of this limited warranty, or to assume or create any obligations or liabilities for Verleno or Seller. This warranty does not provide specific legals rights to the Buyer.



The foregoing is the exclusive warranty for the product. It is offered in lieu of all other warranties, agreements, and similar obligations of Verleno and Seller, except for the Limited Product Warranty specified above, and to the maximum extend permitted by Law. Neither Verleno nor the Seller make any warranties, either expressed or implied, including without limitation of any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. To the extent limiting either of the foregoing limited warranties is prohibited by applicable law, then such warranties shall only apply for the coverage period.


Under no circumstances will Verleno or Seller be responsible for any indirect, consequential, incidental, specials, direct, or punitive damages arising from the inability to use the Product regardless of whether the legal theory is based in contract, tort, or other theory of law or equity to the maximum extend permitted by applicable law.


Care & Maintenance Instructions

To ensure the Product remains in excellent condition year after year, please follow these Care & Maintenance instruction. Failure to adhere to care and maintenance instructions can void Product warranty coverage.

⦿ To ensure Product adhesion, do not wash or wax vehicle for 7 days after installation.

⦿ To prevent staining, remove bugs, sap, tar and fallout from the Product as soon as possible.

⦿ Do not use solvent based bug and tar removers.

⦿ Wash and wax vehicle as needed.

⦿ Only wash with soft non-abrasive wash mitts and drying materials.

⦿ When washing, keep high pressure spray tip 36” away from Product.

⦿ Non-abrasive wax or sealant application is recommenced once every 4 months.

⦿ Do not use polishing compounds, clay bars or waxes that contain dyes or abrasives.

⦿ To remove Product, see Seller for proper and safe Product removal procedures.

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